Hili’s first blanket

Hili is the first niece I’ve got since I moved to Berlin.

I have an amazing nephew that was born a few month after we’ve got here, but maybe because it was so adjacent, or maybe because he visited me before he turned three months old, it didn’t feel so far away.

but with Hili it felt very very far away.

So the first time I visited Israel after she was born, I felt like I have to bring something with me.

I know, ‘have to’ is a shitty phrase to use here… I wanted, really wanted, to make something for her and for my sister, but I also felt like I needed to create something that will bound us together. To have a piece of me with her.

Hili as a new born

Hili as a new-born

I chose to make a blanket, cause I wanted something that could really wrap her and be close to her. I couldn’t make a quilt, cause as always, by the time I sat on my ass to do something, it was too close to my departure date. And I didn’t want to make anything too warm, as the kid does live in Israel… Nothing is worse than wrapping a baby with a warm blanket in the intolerable winter in Israel…

So I went on the hunt for some cool jersey fabrics, which are amazingly hard to find in Berlin. I cannot in any way say it was cheap, but I’ve found some beautiful ones at Frieda Hain in Friedrichshain, and from the point on, the ideas just flooded in…

2012-09-10 17.19.11

My dad took these great photos. He so clearly has such better suiting equipment for this cause…

2012-09-10 17.48.22

I think this one shows really well how cute the fabric is


The other side with my label, the pacifier holder and the pin wheel appliqué

Then I’ve of course also made a diaper bag, but just as in the Babyboy Quilt post, I think I’ll leave that part for a separate post.


Blanket and a diaper bag


I think she quite liked it. What would you say?


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