Pouching time

Like I already promised at the quilt for a baby boy post, and the Hili’s first blanket post, the diaper bags I sew for those two gift sets are worth their own post… So here it is…

2012-09-08 14.45.37

Sadly, I cannot take credit for this great pattern, but saying that, there are lots of great tutorials out there, explaining to great details exactly how to sew it.

One of them, and the one I easily used at my first attempt is on the lovely blog ‘Pretty Modern‘. You can find the tutorial here.


It is really the easiest pouch you could make, it doesn’t require lots of fabric for it (scraps will work out just fine), it’s done quickly and is the perfect addition to any present.

You can play round with different fabrics and change the size and proportions for a different outcome every time. A true winner.


I intended those pouches to be used as a carrier of the essential kit you carry around when you’re getting out with a baby, but basically, they can be used in so many ways and fill so many porposs.

Give it a chance, try it out. It’s a wonderful begginers’ project, and I can promise you won’t regret it.



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