Quilt for a baby boy

When my friend Uli told me she pregnant with a baby boy, I knew I’m gonna make her a baby quilt.

I didn’t even had a sewing machine at the time, let alone ever sewed a quilt, but I decided that’s what I want to do, and I didn’t let the facts confuse me…

The story of I got my amazing sewing machine is a long and different one (but it sums up as – My Daddy bought me 😉 ), and as soon as I got it the present for Uli and her baby was my absolutely first project on it.

Even though I consider myself pretty good in learning stuff through YouTube and other tutorials, coming to this project I’d figured I’ll just go with it… I had a vision of how it should look, I came up with the working steps that seemed logical, and besides, it’s just a quilt, how hard can it be, right?

Well, surprisingly enough, right!


Since I chose a really simple pattern, using even sized squares and simple border with no elaborate blocks and all, it came true really quick and the result was pretty satisfactory for a first try. I would like to think that if I’d done today the corners and the finishes touches had turned out better, but all in all, I was pleased with it.


Look! I even added a pacifier holder…


Can’t say it’s my usual color scheme, but I kinda like the mixture and the cute little racoon fabric

When I finished the quilt I wanted to add something extra to the present. Maybe because it was so easy to do, I felt like it’s not enough…

So I quickly made a pacifier holder (to attach to the baby’s shirt, or the carrier), a cute two loops swing (that couldn’t be properly photographed no matter what I’ve tried), and a cool little diaper bag, that is so cute and fun to do, that I’m gonna post a separate post about it.


The full package!

The package was delivered only after baby Daniel Ashanti was born (a silly jewish good luck thing…) and was received with great delight by both mammy and child.

Too bad though that he’s such a big healthy baby, that both the swing and the quilt grew too small for him after less than 6 month… 😉


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